Name Silence Force Cyclonique Delta Force Extreme Lithium 18V
Product code 8231 8851
Color Metallic blue Light blue
Reach 9m (27pi) Wireless
Weight 13.8 lbs (6.8Kg) 7.3 lbs (3.3Kg)
Bags capacity 4L 2.4L
Filter H.E.P.A and Cyclonic Cyclonic
Ideal for Hard floor and carpet with shorthair Hard floor and carpet with shorthair
Included Accessories 3 main suction heads : multiple floor types brush, maxi turbo brush, Delta head exclusive for smooth flooring, integrated dust brush, sofa brush and telescopic tool for small slots (with integrated storage. Compact Vacuum.) Exclusive ultra-thin Delta head with LED lights, Powerful high speed brush, removable for easy cleaning and for convenience, for superior efficiency.
Garantee 2 years 2 years
Others Canister Vacuum full format without bag, with European style and ultra-ergonomic silent design (69Db). Made in France. Bagless and cordless analog vacuum. With 45 minutes of use, it is the best choice in wireless devices thanks to the smart operating time indicator with three load levels for accuracy
MSRP 699.99$ 299$
Maison de l’aspirateur Price
699.99$ 264.95$




  • Characteristics to look for in a vacuum

    • Type of house: size, number of floors, condos, garage, basement.
    • Flooring: wood, ceramics, stairs, type of carpet.
    • Animals
    • Frequency - Number of residents.
    • Type of dirt: dry, wet, liquid.
    • Allergies: ex. medical emergencies.
    • Contamination: bugs, fungi, etc.
  • Selection criteria suggested by LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR

    • Performance, air flow, suction.
    • The ergonomics, weight, radius of action, maneuverability.
    • The effectiveness and sustainability of accessories.
    • Quality construction - Guarantees.
    • Noise level.
    • Filtration quality.
    • Capacity of dust retention.
    • Maintaining the suction.
    • Best value for money.
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