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Name D30 D40 D50
Product Code 27.01.0030 27.01.0040 27.01.0050
Tank Acier Inox / Stainless steel Acier Inox / Stainless steel Acier Inox / Stainless steel
Pressure 3 Bar (45PSI) 3 Bar (45PSI) 4.5 Bar (67.5 PSI
Regulator Yess Yes Yes
Power 1500W 1500W 1500W
Ampere 13amp 13amp 13amp
Temperature 120˚ Celsius 120˚ Celsius 120˚ Celsius
Dimension 18″X12″X13″ 18″X12″X13″ 19″X12″X13″
Weight 14.2lbs 14lbs 18lbs
Auto-filling No No Yes
Iron No Yes Yes
Warranty (Pieces and maintenance) 1 year Vacuum / 3 years Tank
PDSF 749.00$ 849.00$ 1299.95$
Maison de l’aspirateur Price
699.00$ 799.00$ 1249.95$


  • Characteristics to look for in a vacuum

    • Type of house: size, number of floors, condos, garage, basement.
    • Flooring: wood, ceramics, stairs, type of carpet.
    • Animals
    • Frequency - Number of residents.
    • Type of dirt: dry, wet, liquid.
    • Allergies: ex. medical emergencies.
    • Contamination: bugs, fungi, etc.
  • Selection criteria suggested by LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR

    • Performance, air flow, suction.
    • The ergonomics, weight, radius of action, maneuverability.
    • The effectiveness and sustainability of accessories.
    • Quality construction - Guarantees.
    • Noise level.
    • Filtration quality.
    • Capacity of dust retention.
    • Maintaining the suction.
    • Best value for money.
  • Repair Service

    • We offer repair service on most major brands of vacuums, new or old.
    • More than 15 experienced technicians at your service
    • Free estimate
    • Guarantee service for most major brands
  • Bags and Parts

    • Guarantee service for most major brands
    • contact us for prices and parts availability.
    • Free estimate
    • Guarantee service for most major brands

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