vente-aspirateur-eureka electrolux 4012 montreal electrolux ultra silence delux
Name Ez-Clean Silent Performer UltraOne
Model 437 4012 7083
Product Code 07.01.0437 07.01.4012 07.01.7083
Color Violet Blue Blue
Reach 7m. (21Pi) 11.33m (34pi) 8m (25pi)
Weight 12lbs (5.5Kg) 10.9lbs (4.2Kg) 13.3lbs (6Kg)
Motor 1200 W 1200W 1300W
Bags Capacity Collector 1.6L 3.5L Type: S-Bag 3.5L Type: S-Bag
Filter H.E.P.A H.E.P.A H.E.P.A
Brush -Cleaning head -Floor brush -TurboBrush -Electric broom -Floor brush
Ideal for -Short-haired carpets -Floors -Hard floors -Short-haired carpets -Carpets -Hard floors
Included Accessories -Dust brush -3-in-1 cleaning tools -3-in-1 cleaning tools
Garantee 1-Year 5-Years 7-Years
Others -Ideal for small appartments or single room -Adjustable suction levels -Adjustable handle -Adjustable suction levels -Adjustable handle -Comfortable handle
MSRP 199.95$ 499.95$ 699.95$
Maison de l’aspirateur Price
129.95$ 449.95$ 549.95$


  • Characteristics to look for in a vacuum

    • Type of house: size, number of floors, condos, garage, basement.
    • Flooring: wood, ceramics, stairs, type of carpet.
    • Animals
    • Frequency - Number of residents.
    • Type of dirt: dry, wet, liquid.
    • Allergies: ex. medical emergencies.
    • Contamination: bugs, fungi, etc.
  • Selection criteria suggested by LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR

    • Performance, air flow, suction.
    • The ergonomics, weight, radius of action, maneuverability.
    • The effectiveness and sustainability of accessories.
    • Quality construction - Guarantees.
    • Noise level.
    • Filtration quality.
    • Capacity of dust retention.
    • Maintaining the suction.
    • Best value for money.
  • Repair Service

    • We offer repair service on most major brands of vacuums, new or old.
    • More than 15 experienced technicians at your service
    • Free estimate
    • Guarantee service for most major brands
  • Bags and Parts

    • Guarantee service for most major brands
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